Emergency Relief

India is a place of natural disasters. Almost every year millions of people dye due to natural calamity, floods, landslide, heavy heat wave, cold season. In this case, Emergency relief organizations can be the first point of contact for an individual with complex needs, allowing for a referral to more intensive support such as financial counseling or mental health and other drugs support. This early intervention with a wraparound approach can lead to better outcomes and future self-sufficiency for individuals and families.

The organizations delivering emergency relief build strong networks within their local communities to assist individuals to minimize potential dependence on assistance.

Emergency relief organizations provide immediate financial and/or material support to people in financial crisis. The type of assistance offered by each organization varies, however, may include one-off assistance such as:

  • Food, transport or chemist support
  • Part-payment of utility support.
  • Food parcels or clothing
  • Budgeting assistance and/or
  • Life skill support
  • Referrals to other services that help to address the underlying causes of the financial crisis.