Our Objectives

⇒ Assist the poor indigent children to get quality healthcare.

⇒ Provide care and shelter to the sick and destitute.

⇒ Support youngsters in rural areas to get quality education, opportunities for skill development and livelihood; Protect and empower women;

⇒ Assist inequitable access to natural resources and basic amenities in rural communities.

⇒ Imparting skill training to marginalized youth.

⇒ Upgrading higher study to the needy students.

⇒ Developing children individually and holistically: mind, body and spirit

⇒ Prioritizing the safety and protection of the children in our program.

⇒ Educating you about the complex issues of poverty and the effect of poverty on children.

⇒ Providing safe and sustainable economic opportunities, we protect women from trafficking and empower them to rewrite the futures of generations to come.

⇒ Empower and cohorts of adolescent girls who meet regularly with a facilitator to learn Life skills training and grow together

⇒ To avail Legal support and training sessions on women’s rights against abuse and exploitation for those who need it.

⇒ To empower the non-school goers and early school leavers, from among the marginalized and vulnerable communities, with limited or no access to formal channels of learning, by enhancing their vocational, technical and livelihood skills, thereby improving the quality of their lives and making them self-reliant.

⇒ To impart life skill training to HIV positive people, youth on streets, young persons in conflict with the law, Single women, youth living in extremist affected areas, bonded laborers, Trafficked young persons, Child laborers, Commercial sex workers, Trans Gender.

⇒ To engage is Development, advocacy, disaster Response, and Training services the poor and marginalized in a situation of poverty, injustice and disaster irrespective of caste, creed or ethnicity.

⇒ To response the disaster mitigation and natural calamities and expand emergency relief.