Women Empowerment

Awareness program on health and hygiene for the women: 

ADVENT conducted the awareness program on health and hygiene for the women. Our doctor enlightens the parents on the bad impacts of the unhygienic condition and importance of healthy practices in the family and in community.

Mother`s day Celebration:

We celebrate the Mothers day every year. It was a great time to have a good number of parents together in a group. Mother`s they came to know about the value of mother`s day and about the contribution of women`s in the family as well as in the society.

Workshop on Safe Drinking water:

We organized time to time workshop on safe drinking water for women. Slum women actively participate in this program. Mr. Vikrant Moghe the general Manager of Waterworks Nagpur Municipal Corporation (Orange City Water Project) was the Resource person of the day. He explained regarding the water born diseases and how to make water safe for drinking purpose, Global Crises of Water, Preservation of Water, the importance of Water in our Physical body and many more. The program brought a great impact on both parents and staff.

Handicraft class for women:

We have conducted handicraft class for women Around 40 women participated and learned to prepare flowers, flower stand, toys and waste management. It will contribute to develop their skill and would be an income generating skill. They have assured us to start the small scale business and raise their income by making and marketing the products. Most of these are housemaids who attend 4 to 8 houses every day and the monthly average income is 2500/ to 3500/-. So many of them assured us to start the making. ADVENT is committed to helping them to increase their skills and train them from time to time.

Awareness Program on Misuse of Media for women:

We to have conducted the Awareness Program on misuse of media. The resource person was Mrs. Sweta Kadam. She talked to Parents about the faster growth of technology the use of it. She helped the parents to understand both the positive and negative use of technology. Mrs. Sweta Kadam confirmed the parents to use the Media in a proper way and especially children should be always aware of the use of Media and also she gave some precautions to children to be aware of using the Media in the proper way which can help them to grow to in the knowledge.

Educate Parents on Relationship Management:

We conduct the meeting by Looking at the rate of Divorces in our country he spoke that maintaining relationship in the family is very important; due to the brokenness among the families children are missed out so that he said that children should be loved more in the families. Parents were more blessed with the program and made a vow to maintain their relationship with each other as long as they live on this earth with happiness.

Women`s day`s celebration:

ADVENT has celebrated the International Women`s Day on 8th March. In which all most all the parents of our children participated with enthusiasms. We had invite Resource persons for this program. She presented a heart touching talk for all women. She said on Safety & Security of women. She also spoke about Jyoti, the victim of the Delhi Gang rape case. She showed all the scenes of Jyoti which were enough to make our parents aware of this type of incidents occurring in the society. Thereafter a very thoughtful awareness program was given by the Resource person. She also spoke about justice and rights of women and empowered them by saying women are more powerful on this earth they can perform many wonderful things in society. They should be treated and guided with high respect. In addition that our staff made the women play games like a tongue twister, and sing a song by replacing funny words. Their interaction with women`s made the event lives. All the female were honored by a gift and by these we can see the touch of human concern. The resource person she addressed the girls with good tips of harmony in the family. As we celebrated this momentous occasion, each of us carried good memories.

Awareness programs:

ADVENT realizes that “Awareness and development go hand in hand”, so it has given due emphasis on building awareness on different target groups on different issues from time to time. ADVENT organized awareness generation programs on Literacy, Health, tree plantation, anti-HIV/AIDS campaign, Environmental protection, sanitation, immunization, small family norms, national integration, anti-malaria campaign and income generation in our targeted Mecosabag of Nagpur slums. Diverse measures were taken to develop awareness among the target population to aware them viz. meetings at individual and cluster level; organization of camps, street plays and audio-visual programs and use of pamphlets. Considerable feedback has been received from the target groups. Tree plants have been distributed the children to plant in this backyard which will help them to understand about environment.