Youth Skill India

ADVENT Computer center:

Advent Computer Center catering needy children with computer training and education. Now day’s children understand the importance of digital education. The teaching will help the children to build their career in this generation so take a challenge and learn the computer. In the program, both children, parents and the students of the Computer Center were presented in Nagpur. Within a year nearly 190 youth got skilled and equipped with basic computer education.

Handicraft class for youth:

We too conduct training on handicraft class for the youth. Around sixty-eight young man and women`s participated and learned to prepare flowers, flower stand, toys, and waste management. It will contribute to developing their skill and would be an income-generating skill.

Youth counseling program:

Youth is the most important and crucial time of an individual. 12 to 22 is the age group, where an individual is at risk of very strong emotional disorder and diverse career choices. So ADVENT carried out its youth counseling programs in Nagpur of Maharashtra and Pamgarh of Chhattisgarh, where 140 youth were provided with counseling support for different issues to encourage them to be goal-oriented and more focused on careers. Nowadays every youth are willing to be equipped with modern skills and techniques. But they need a platform. ADVENT encouraged the youth to be self-confident and have a positive attitude towards the goal which can be acquired with hard work.

Community transformation project:

ADVENT started a community transformation project at Pamgarh of Champa-Janjgir District of Chhattisgarh. This one year project to aware and educate people towards sustainable development and helping them to be equipped in agriculture and farming. Also, we have trying to help 10 youth with skills to mobilize the local resources and implement an inadequate way to generate Environmental protection, sanitation, immunization, and understand about environment and value of nature.