Child Care Avtivities

ADVENT Child Development Center:

On April 2013 we have started child development project at Mecoshabag of Nagpur for marginalized slum children of Jaripatka area with 249 children called as ADVENT Child Development Project (ACDC). All these children have been nurtured by 11 staff with full capacity to extend the nourishment with cognitive, physical, social and ethical transformation. All the children within the age group of 3 to 15 years. As children constitute fifty percent of our society our main focus is on children. They are the main components of society and they can act as the change agents for families and society as a whole. This program involves, Organizing awareness program for the parents and local community people. This program will be planned to continue for another 20 years for the betterment of the targeted children until unless they will be fully equipped. We have been distributed school bags, geometry boxes, dresses, school dresses, shoes, birthday gifts, formal clothes, educational tools for all the 249 children with regular nutritional food.

Balwadi centers:

ADVENT established 4 Balwadi centers in order to provide education to the dropouts and remedial education to the primary school children in the four slums of Bhopal city. 124 children were enrolled in the centers which were run by animators and assisted by helpers. These centers played a great role in building the life of children education-ally marginalized community physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Sports materials, study materials were provided to them, which were run by our animators. The children, who were dropouts and not going to school, they are attending regularly in these centers. The regular students are also attending at the centers and improving their standard.

Study help to poor scholars:

In fact, ADVENT believes that poverty is the main factor to make difference in the education world. Due to poverty, many brilliant children fall out of track. So ADVENT raises funds to block the poverty from hindering on education and study. We have supported some selected students to continue their studies that are fallen behind due to fee and lack of educational tools in Kandhamal. Moreover, education is matters.

Health and medical care of children:

On 4th April 2015 and on 20th to 21st January 2016, we have conducted the health check-up camp for the project children. In the first phase around 249 children got check-up including hemoglobin testing. It would be helpful for the project to understand the overall health status of each child and to plan according to the good health of every child in the project.

ADVENT conducts Medical Check-up for needy children from the age group of 3-15. Our staff had taken sole responsibility for the successful completion of this activity in our project. Dr. Jitesh Dhingra was called to check the health of 310 children. It took 2 days for whole children health check up. Our staffs have written in the health screening form about the health problem of their own respective students which is identified by the Doctor. We also conducted an awareness program on health and hygiene for the project children. Dr. Jitesh Dhingra spoke all the children on the importance of health and hygiene and health practices. Many children got awareness and knowledge and will practice in their personal life.

Vaccination of Hepatitis B:

We have conducted the camp to vaccinate the second dose to all the project children against Hepatitis B. At first we again aware the parents and children about the disease and around 135 children vaccinated in the first phase. In this program, Dr. Dhingra was the resource person to Vaccinate children and check up the blood group of the children. As well as Doctor talked with both parents and students concerning the importance of the Vaccination against Hepatitis-B and awareness of different diseases that come across in our day to day lives.

De-worming tablets/Multi-Vitamin Tablets Distribution:

We conducted these two programs on 08/10/15 for distribution program Doctor co-operate with us and talked with parents and children about the use of De-worming Tablets and Multi-Vitamin Tablets and its importance. We thank you vitamin angles who supported us with vitamins.

Awareness program on sexual behavior for children:

We also conduct awareness Program on the sexual behavior of children. All the children above 12 years took part in this program. There are 4 resource persons in the program. They discussed with the children at different points and made the children be aware of sexual behavior. In order to develop the physical knowledge of the children, she talked about different things which would help in the growth of their lives like an adult in the days to come.

Awareness camp on health and hygiene for Children:

We had the Awareness cam on health and hygiene for children in our project premises. The doctor encouraged the children and said concerning the diseases which affect when the seasons keep changing. He talked about the winter seasonal diseases and said that every day the children need to take bathe and maintain cleanliness. On this day parents also included in the camp, Doctor made aware to parents that every day they need to take care of their children because of every where there is a virus so that you need be careful always.

Dental check-up:

We too had the Dental check-up program for the project children. Dr.Ravindra Yadav checked up the teeth of the children. The children were taken to the clinic simultaneously for the check-up. In order to checkup dental of the children, it took four days to complete every one. Dr.Yadav checked up the dental and suggested and wrote the report of every child whom he checked up. 

Drawing Competition:

ADVENT conducted the drawing competition among the children. Under the age group, 3 to 15 years around 140 children have participated in the competition. Many Children were drawn beautiful drawings as per their thoughts and imagination but at last, we choose three children from each group and distributed some gifts to encourage them to do more hard work. We too conducted the drawing competition for the project children in three groups. Around one hundred fifty children participated actively in the competition. Among the nine children three children from each group were selected and given gifts to encourage them for their excellent creativity and interest in drawing. Among all children, one hundred fifty-six children participated in the competition. The topic was on Rainy season and all the children sketched and played with color and drew some amazing picture as per their creativity. At last, we gave nine gifts to the selected children from each group to encourage them.

Adventure Camp for Children:

We too organized adventure camp for the needy slum children. Around 120 children participated in the camp. All the children enjoyed and participated in all the six activities like Rafting, net climbing, Valley crossing, Zipline, Burma bridge and Rappelling. All the children enjoyed and gained their confidence high. It was a new experience for all the children to get a very good experience of Adventure camp which would be using full for them in the future.

Sports meet:

We had organized sports meet in our project in which we had conducted different sports like, Shot put throw, Marble & spoon racing, Tog off war, etc. For every game 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize were given to the children who performed best in the sports. Overall in all the sports all the children gave their active participation and win the prizes. In order to encourage the children, the resource person said a few words about the importance of sports and distributed the prizes according to their performance. It was found among the children that there are some selected children who are talented and gifted children who performed very well in the sports. Every-one who performed well were provided medals and cups according to their talents.

Medical Support:

ADVENT has fully supported financially the medical care to at least 180 children of slum dwellers. Many are suffering from the sickle shell, heart problem, and chronic diseases. We too also extended financial support to many children who face road accidents.